7 Things Buyers Want from their Real Estate Agents

By: Gemma Leggett

7 Things Buyers Want from their Real Estate Agents

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Are you ready to buy a Home? Have you ever wondered what Home Buyers are looking for in their Real Estate Agent? 

According to the National Association of Realtors, 53% want help to find the perfect home, while only 11% care about Negotiating the BEST price! What is THE MOST important thing for you? 

There is so much that a Realtor can help you with when purchasing a home! They can help you  avoid potential pitfalls! When you go down the same road over and over, you know how to slow down before the bump occurs.   

So really, the #1 and the most important thing you want in a Real Estate Agent is to hire the RIGHT one for YOU

You want and need a Realtor that will have your best interest at heart. Who you choose to work with...  matters and is critical for a successful transaction. 

Hiring a Buyer Agent is FREE
It's the Seller's responsibility to cover the Real Estate fees. However, make sure the Seller will indeed cover the fees for your Realtor, otherwise, it could come out of your pocket and cost you thousands of dollars!

Many home buyers think that working with the listing agent is the way to go...
Just remember: the listing agent was hired by the sellers to get the most amount of money for their house with the best terms for them. They already have a relationship. 

So for the Realtor to enter a dual agency usually becomes a conflict of interest. I mean, how can you possibly represent a buyer and a seller while staying completely impartial? It's like having two kids and only helping one of them.  Unless everybody understands the risks, this could be dangerous!  

Let's talk about YOU, YOUR NEEDS...
If you are thinking about buying a home in the near future and would like to hire a trusted, experienced, strong negotiator to work with and guide you through the process, give me a call!