How realtors take selfies now...

By: Gemma Leggett

How realtors take selfies now...

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My friend and Realtor® Sara Kalke from Re/Max in Edmonton wrote this message and I thought it was so powerful, I wanted to share...

"Behind that mask is a whole bunch of emotions...
We are excited to be working. We’re sooooo happy to get out of the house. We’re thrilled to meet new people... to learn your story and help you with your next home.

But we are also scared...

... scared for our health, our clients’ health...

We worry if this exposure could be that one decision that caused our family or loved ones to get sick.

We worry about the housing market, about the local businesses we love, about our clients young and old, in every walk of life.

We are finding courage, because we signed up to represent our clients to the best of our abilities, even if that might mean taking the risk of leaving our homes.

But, we have fiercer boundaries than ever before.

We won’t show you a property “just because”, if you’re “starting to consider the idea of moving”, if you’re already working with an agent, or worse if you’re hopping between dozens of agents, exposing us all to more and more contacts.

We won’t show you a property if you aren’t the only decision maker. And we definitely won’t show you a property if your financing isn’t in order.

It’s a time for new emotions, new requirements, and new boundaries. But you’d better believe us realtors are as fierce as we ever have been.

We will do everything we can to protect our clients, even if it means flexing our best negotiation skills just to get an appointment booked and procedures followed. ????

We’ve got this.

Carefully, cautiously, courageously.

Love from,
Real estate agents everywhere."

Thank you all for reading this message and for keeping us all doing our job, yet keep everyone safe.