By: Gemma Leggett

How To Decorate YOUR Home For Sale During The Holiday Season?

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Selling your home in the winter has many advantages on its own, but the fact that it overlaps with the holiday season can yet be a further benefit. Most of the people get caught up in the holiday spirit, and they simply enjoy the lights and Christmassy decorations that are found on every corner. As a seller, you can use holiday decoration as a part of winter staging. It will certainly make your home feel warmer and add a touch of elegance to it if you do it right.

Sellers are often not sure if they should decorate at all while their home is out on the market, but decoration can actually contribute to the coziness of your home if you know how to do it.

You can work your way from the outside to the inside of your home to make sure not to skip any important steps. Since each buyer is different, it’s impossible to decorate the home to everyone’s liking, but you certainly can avoid appalling them with too much decoration. It’s all about the golden middle here and keeping the decoration tasteful, and perhaps, to the minimum not to distract buyers from important features of your home.

How To Decorate The Outside Of Your Home?
It’s nice to keep the outside decoration in line with the type of neighborhood you live in. Do you live in an area where every house is decorated? If so, you should play along, but remember, to keep it classy. On the other hand, if your neighborhood is more of a religious and cultural melting pot, you might want to tone it down with the decorating. This doesn’t mean giving up on decoration altogether, just keep it very simple with evergreens and tasteful lighting. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a door wreath as it’s mostly associated with a warm welcome. Bear in mind that safety takes priority over appearance. Shovel off the snow and de-ice the slippery driveway before you even start decorating. Don’t get carried away and keep off multi-color lights and décor.

The Inside Of Your Home
If you have decluttered and cleaned your home, you can move onto winter staging and decorating. Inside decoration should be kept to a minimum and classy. A menorah or Christmas tree is completely acceptable, and you shouldn’t hide them, but they shouldn’t be in the center of attention either. A too big Christmas tree may take up too much space and work against your best interest. Therefore, pick the tree with great care and consider the size of the room where you gonna put it. If your home is small, use a thinner tree and put it in a corner to save space. It’s the same as with the furniture; the smaller it is, the more space you’ll have to move around. You may also place the tree in front of the window as long as it doesn’t block your way.

Remember to stick to the less is more motto and don’t overdo it with decorating, You can stick to the classic Christmas colors of green and red, but since red is more emotionally appealing, maybe you want to keep the focus on red.  If you are a fan of theme decoration, go ahead, but just make sure to match the colors and decoration with the style of your home. Play on the safe side and avoid multi-color decorations.

After all, your home should still be as neutral as possible and depersonalized. Presents under the tree are not becoming either. First, they take up too much space, and second, they seem too personal. They simply have to go just like personal photos.

Accentuate The Selling Features
The right amount of candles and lights will contribute to the coziness of your home. You can also put a garland on the mantel or the staircase, but again, keep it subtle. You can add red bows, pine cones and Christmas swags here and there, but don’t cover up important selling features which should rather be accentuated than hidden. For example, if you have a nice fireplace or a beautiful view out of the window, don’t let it disappear under ornaments. The functionality of the home remains the most important asset.

After you are done decorating, you are ready for home showings. For a warm welcome, you can set out some cookies on the counter for the guests, i.e., interested buyers.