How to sell your home in the Fall

By: Gemma Leggett

How to sell your home in the Fall

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This year our Spring Market never blossomed, so while it's true that housing inventory is lower in the Fall, it's also true that buyers who are shopping are likely to be more serious about buying.
If your goal is to sell your home before cold days arrive, here are few tips to follow:
Clean up your Yard and create an inviting Curb Appeal:
Rake leaves, trim bushes, cut away dead flowers and decorate your front porch to make it as inviting as possible with lovely pumpkins and fall decor.
Make it warm:
Insulate around windows & doors and replace your air filters often. As you start cranking up the heat, new furnace filters not only will save you money, it will also ensure you don’t push stale smells or excessive dust throughout the house
Give a fresh coat of paint:

One way to make a big transformation easily is with paint! If you choose to do so, the goal is to paint your home in a way that will attract potential buyers.
Try a light colour; it will brighten up your home and make it look bigger and newer.
Clean your windows:
The idea is that brighter home sell faster! Buyers absolutely look at windows, the first question I always get is "how old are the windows?"
If you clean your windows, remove the dust and the dirt, your house will show 100 times better!
Remove dark window covering, it's depressing and make the space closed off and not as inviting.
If you have a nice view, you want to show it off!
With all the dirt and debris cleaned away, your windows can operate smoothly, which is an added perk!
Add accent to your home:
By changing your decor slightly, remove all clutter, personal belongings and pictures. You will be moving, start packing now:) Why? Well, remember: Less is More!
Use accent pillows and cozy blankets. Get some idea from the web.
Buy white towel for the bathrooms, place candles on the coffee table, along with books. Not too little and not too many.
Make it a nice, warm, inviting environment for buyers to feel a connection with your home.
Get photos and videos done as soon as possible:
Trees will be falling fast, colors are changing, The earlier your Realtor have pictures and video done, the better the natural light will be and the nicer your outdoor space will look.
Before an open house or a showing, bake an apple pie. This will for sure leave a great impression with potential buyers who will be going through your home.
Not a baker? Buy a frozen one:) Place it in the oven 20 mins before you leave, turn off the oven, open it to spread the smell... and Voila!
Price your property to sell:
It's my job as your Realtor to guide you, educate you and show you where the market is at. If you want to sell your home in today's market, it's important to follow the data and price it at fair market value. A fair market value is determined by what a Buyer is willing to pay and a seller willing to sell.
In a Seller's market, Buyers typically over pay. In a Buyer's market, Seller have to adjust their expectations.
I will always be honest and tell you what your home is worth, or what I feel is a reasonable price to offer, ultimately, it is YOUR decision.

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