Let's Talk ChattelS and FixtureS

By: Gemma Leggett

Let's Talk ChattelS and FixtureS

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What is a Chattel?
 An object that can be removed without damage to the property. It doesn’t require a tool to be removed.
Chattels are NOT included in the purchase price, unless otherwise noted. Appliances are most of the time Chattels! Don't forget to add them in the purchase and sale agreement with the model number. 
What is a Fixture?
A fixture is an object attached to the property that if removed would add damage to the property. If you need a tool to remove it, then it’s likely a fixture.
Fixtures are normally included in the purchase price, unless otherwise noted.
Draperies and curtains are considered chattel, but the drapery tracks, if attached to the house is considered a fixture. If the rods are not physically attached to the house, then they are chattels!


Mirrors: If attached to the wall, then it’s a fixture, but if it’s a hanging mirror, then it’s a chattel!


TV: The TV itself is a chattel, BUT the wall mount is a fixture!


Chandelier are considered fixtures, but the bulbs are chattels!


And there is more.... 

Did you know??
Failure to properly identify fixtures and chattels in an agreement of purchase and sale is the number 1 cause of conflict on closing between a buyer and a seller!

Many buyers assume the home they are purchasing includes
items that are considered “chattels” and some sellers are not aware that they cannot remove “fixtures”.

In a nutshell...
If you were to turn the house upside down ans shake the house... What's not falling is most likely a fixture :)