Looking For A Rental On Your Own? Why?

By: Gemma Leggett

Looking For A Rental On Your Own? Why?

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Did you know that using a Realtor to find a Rental can help you and it's FREE
So let's dive in and see why using a Real Estate Professional is in your best interest. 

Rental properties are in High Demands right now, and there isn't enough supply! Unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of illegal practices as the public isn't aware of their rights. 
Few examples:
- It is illegal to ask the tenant to provide a security deposit (Key deposit are allowed, however it can not be more than the replacement of the key)
- It is illegal to refuse a tenant because they have pets, except tenants who occupy a condo unit where the declaration and rules of the condo states restrictions
- It's also illegal to evict a tenant because the landlord decide to sell the property. The new homeowner has to move in. Proper notice and one month compensation is owed to the tenant. 
So how can a Realtor help you? 
As a Real Estate professional, rentals are a lot more work for little compensation and that's the reason why some Realtor decide not to do it. As I always say, it's not about the money, it's about connection and helping people at every stage of their lives! 
For the public there are lots of benefits to use a professional to find your next place. 
1. Your Realtor can offer knowledge, experience and the right advise
2. Your Realtor will book the showings and guide you to the process
3. Renters are entitled to the same protections as a home buyer or seller
4. Your Realtor looks after YOUR best interest, negotiate the lease on your behalf and make sure everything is done in a legal manner. 
It is so important to have someone who can help you and once my clients move in, they are still my clients. I continue to take care of them with any questions they may have. 
As you know, I work by referral, helping people is my goal. One day, you might want to buy, or know someone who is and I know you will send them my way. 
As for today, if you have any questions, if you are looking for a rental or know someone who is and need my help, please call me! I am here for YOU!