Home inspection or buyer remorse ?

By: Gemma Leggett

Home inspection or buyer remorse ?

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Ta-Da! There is it - your dream home!

After searching for this perfect home, you’ve finally found it and it’s about to be all yours. But wait... 
Before you go any further, you may wonder... Do you need to get a home inspection? 

Well, there are many benefits to having a home inspection as this will help you get an overall sense of
the condition of the home and put your mind at ease knowing you’ve made a sound investment in
this property.

A qualified home inspector will identify issues and repairs that are needed before they become a
major headache for you in the future. The inspector will be able to recognize any code violations or inform
you that behind those beautiful Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter walls (which you fell in love with), lurks
termites or *gasp*... mould.

By having a home inspection, this allows buyers to go back to the seller and propose those larger deficiencies be fixed or repaired at the seller’s expense or be used as a negotiating tool for a price reduction.
Small maintenance items found by the hone inspector should not be part of any renegotitations though as NO house is perfect. 

Not all situations are troublesome, however, the home inspector will provide you with the necessary information
to plan for future costs, such as the roof has a few years left in its life expectancy or windows will need to be replaced in the next 5 years.

Who pays for the home inspection? 
Unless the seller has already done a pre-sale home inspection, it's your responsability to pay for the home inspection. They vary between $400 and $700. 

Should you still have ask for an home inspection in a hot market? 
Absolutely, however, when competing with other offers, you might not get the best chances to win the bid if you request a home inspection after acceptance of the offer. 
In a hot market, there are strategies that can still give you a piece of mind and a home inspection done... and I will help you with it. 

Don’t have buyer’s remorse and ensure you get a home inspection, after all: Peace of mind CAN NOT be overrated!