Spring Cleaning for Selling & Buying

By: Gemma Leggett

Spring Cleaning for Selling & Buying

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Spring Cleaning : for the Sellers


The snow is melting and the warmer weather is slowly creeping up on us. Which means the Spring Real Estate Market will soon be in full bloom.

This is great news for those of you who were hiding indoors from the snow and cold to make your move on Selling or Buying a property.

Spring is the time when we immediately think of throwing open our windows and giving our house a good ol’ dust and cleaning.

But if you’re also thinking of selling, consider taking this time to get a pre-listing home inspection done and bringing your realtor over as well for their opinion on your home’s current condition.

Together making a to-do list of what is important:

1. Needs fixing immediately
Fix roof, clean gutters, cracks & leaks around windows and in your basement

2. What you can do cosmetically
Paint light/neutral colour, change fixtures, flooring and de-cluttering

3. Curb appeal
Get rid of dead plants & garbage, touch-up paint chips from your door, garage and window sills, sweep your porch and walkway and power wash and vinyl siding

4. Has it been more than 2 years?
If you haven't serviced your Furnace and A/C, now is a Great time to do so. Not only will it add to their lifespan if serviced regularly but it’s also extremely important to buyers knowing these are well maintained and won’t need replacing anytime soon.

This will save you money; add value to your property and making it show its best to buyers.

In turn giving YOU, not the buyer, the upper hand to receive top dollar for your home.


Spring Cleaning : for the Buyers

So now with all these sellers doing everything they can to show and sell their homes for top dollar. How can buyers assure they will get a good deal?
The key will be in how prepared you are to quickly make an offer.

1. Get pre-approved for a mortgage
Knowing your budget will give you confidence in your offer and possibly allowing you to put more money down, making your offer more appealing to the sellers.

2. Do your research
Your realtor has sent you current listings and comparables. Keeping an eye on these for any updated changes will give you the information you need to stay ahead of any competition.

3. Time to move
Working closely with you realtor, when a new listing comes on the market that fits your criteria, try and arrange a viewing before the seller has an Open House, this will now give YOU the buyer the upper hand in making an offer before multiple offers start to come in.

4. Fingers crossed
Your quick actions combined with your motivated offer will be all you need to show the seller you’re serious about this deal.

Last but not least, The market might be up, the market might be down, a house is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. 

The spring is usually the most popular time for buying or selling, so let the fun begin!