Staged to sell

By: Gemma Leggett

Staged to sell

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That's it, you have decided to move on and put your house on the market! Fantastic news! 
You want to sell fast, and you want to get as much money as possible, so you can get to your next Home feeling great about your decision and getting started on the next chapter of your life? 
Selling, packing, moving is really not something you want to go through, it's stressful, tiring and time consuming. BUT that's it, you have decided, now, is the time to do it. 
Aside from the price, professional photos and video, when you are selling your house, the key is to make potential buyers feel like they could make it their home. In a competitive market, the right details could put a lot of extra dollars in your pocket!
First impression can make all the difference and when a potential buyer walks into your house, if they are not WOW right away, chances are they won't make you an offer.  
So for that first impression to be the lasting one, it all starts with home staging! A staged home sells 73% faster! 73%!!! This is HUGE!
It might not seem like a big deal to you, I know, you love your house and you love your decor. So how come potential buyers can't like it to? Or pass through that, as they won't be buying the furniture after all! 
Well trust me: if your goal is to get the most amount of money possible, in the least amount of time, staging your house will make a huge difference on the sale price.  

Take a look at this video, and see what staging looks like. 

Before choosing a Real Estate Representative, it’s very important to check out how they do it…

What you want when selling your house is Results, I, as your Realtor, understand that and this is WHY I not only introduce you to the right stager, I also pay for it! Together, we will help you NET more money in less time!
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